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As Vietnam’s rapidly expanding consumer classes increasingly go online to shop, local and international companies are rushing to build their brand presence with new websites, applications and digital marketing campaigns. To help guide these companies, Quodisys pulled together some useful data on how Vietnamese consumers discover and research brands online.

For companies that are not already known in the Vietnamese market, the first step to reaching the consumer is planting a brand message in a place where it can be found. But what are the most common platforms through which Vietnam’s online consumers discover brands? The table below provides some data on this topic:

Top 10 Brand Discovery Channels in Vietnam 2014 (as % of internet users)

Top 10 Brand Discovery Channels in Vietnam 2014

Source: GlobalWebIndex, Research Wave, Q1 2014; © Quodisys.

As the data in the chart shows, Vietnam’s online consumers are most likely to discover brands by reading articles in the websites of a newspaper or magazine. The implications of this statistic are clear: companies that want to be discovered must make an effort to ensure that their brands are talked about in the media. Winning the attention of media can be tricky, however, and sometimes requires the help of skilled communications and digital strategy professionals.

In addition to digital media outlets, Vietnam’s online consumers are also highly likely to discover brands on forums, message boards, and consumer review sites, as well as by word-of-mouth. Company websites also help, though it appears that Vietnam’s online consumers are more likely to discover brands through indirect, third party channels. That said, having a great website is crucial for helping get the message out in the first place, so building one is often a first step in the digital marketing process.

After a consumer discovers a brand, he or she will often take some time to research that brand before making a purchase decision. As is the case elsewhere, Vietnamese consumers are increasingly turning to digital platforms for researching brands. The chart below provides data on the leading brand research channels.

Top 10 Brand Research Channels in Vietnam 2014 (as % of internet users)

Top 10 Brand Research Channels in Vietnam 2014

Source: GlobalWebIndex, Research Wave, Q1 2014; © Quodisys

As one might expect, search engines are the most common platform through which Vietnam’s online consumers research brands. This highlights the necessity of having good SEO, including a search-optimized website and content that helps push up your rankings. This content can be placed on your own site, or also dangled in other high-potential channels such as consumer review sites, forums, or company newsletters.

Vietnamese consumers are highly receptive to online brand messages, but to win the attention and trust of Vietnamese consumers in this increasingly competitive environment, companies must build integrated online strategies that take into account consumer preferences. Being based in Ho Chi Minh City and staffed by Vietnamese professionals who understand local needs, Quodisys is uniquely positioned to help you build your online presence in Vietnam. Contact us for more information.

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